Bioaqua V7 Whitening Serum


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Products Feature:
Bioaqua V7 Whitening Serum can Bright and clear skin with the concept of GLUTA that can be done every day with Derma White Technology directly to manage dark spots that are difficult to reduce and eventually fade away. Ready to welcome clear skin in 3 dimensions. Results can be proven in 4 weeks.

  • Rich serum brightening skin tone and glow
  • Glowing capsule giving dull skin bright glow.
  • Total care for skin tone, blemishes, freckles, moisture, and glow.
  • Unlike other serums, Rich vitamin Content (7%) give healthy skin care.

Products Specification:

Brand : Bioaqua

Skin Care Benefits : Whitening

Skin Type : All Skin Type

Product Form : Serum

Gender : Female

Capacity : 15 ml

SKU : g20150488