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Bioaqua Acne Kit – [4 in 1]



BioAqua Acne Kit 4 in 1 Acne, Scar, Spot Treatment Set

  • BioAqua Acne Cream
  • BioAqua Acne Serum
  • BioAqua Acne Cleanser
  • BioAqua Acne Mask
  • Mild non-irritating formula that can clear blocked pores, dissolving dirt and grease replenish nutrition moisture, regulate PH value effectively safeguarding injured skin, remove acne, pimples and acne, balance oil secretion, and the removal of pock, acne.
  • The skin becomes more beautiful due to gentle cleansing.
  • Delicate cleansing Mild texture gently cleanses skin, leaving a pleasant coolness The elimination of the dirt and acne Due to the natural organic ingredients.
  • Reduces the appearance of acne Soft skin. Controls the hydro-lipid balance.
  • Nourishes and softens. Frequent use of the cleanser reduces the appearance of acne Riddance of acne and control of hydro-lipid balance White gentle cleansing cream.




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