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Top 5 Face Serums

What are face serums?

Serums are extremely important for the skincare routine. Face serums are delicate moisturizing products that contain active ingredients in a higher concentration and are great for reducing wrinkles and improving skin quality. Facial serums are available in a variety of consistencies, including gels, oils, or creams.

Why are face serums important?

The serum is important because serum can reduce fine lines and dark spots and also help to enhance the Brighter of the skin. help boost volume so that the skin does not look saggy, especially around the area of cheeks and eyes. If you want to top 5 serums. Here is a list of the top 5 face serum.

  • Dr. Rashel Vitamin c Face Serum
  • Dr. Rashel 24k gold face serum
  • Dr. Rashel Whitening Face Serum
  • Rorec White Rice Face Serum
  • Bioaqua Vitamin C Face Serum

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